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The Hacky Turtles

The Hacky Turtles

The Belief Cycle, Katie Kadan

Sat · June 3, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm


This event is 18 and over

The Hacky Turtles
The Hacky Turtles
The Hacky Turtles is a band comprised of young musicians in
their early 20's, hailing from Traverse City, Michigan. Friends
since elementary school, the group performs with sizzling hot
chemistry, captivating audiences with their fresh renditions of your
favorite songs and soulful creations of their own. The unique
brand of Funk/Rock with strong folk roots has been heard in
Traverse City, Chicago, East Lansing, and Grand Rapids.The Hacky Turtles can perform acoustically for coffee houses, patios, and small gatherings, but also love to get the fun going with some grooving funkness, seducing your dancing feet, for events, bars, and parties.
The Belief Cycle
Performing live as the world's first singing finger drummer, The Belief Cycle front-man/producer Drew Mantia delivers songs with an emotional blend of EDM drums and Pop vocal delivery over bandmate Ryan Marquez's Funky footpedal basslines and Soulful keys. Combining the fun and spontaneity of a jam band set with lyrical insights on overcoming life's struggles and spreading more love into the world, TBC is guaranteed to leave you feeling good and wanting more.

Drew Mantia's musical style is a feel good blend of Pop, Soul, EDM, Jazz and Rock, the culmination of various career incarnations. From University Jazz major, singer/songwriter, composer, to Chicago beat producer known for collaborations with the likes of ProbCause, The Palmer Squares, Psalm One, Chance the Rapper, Saba, Twista, Bruce Bayne, Stank Face Records and more. Drew's skills include professional grade audio recording and mixing, songwriting, and a "one-man-band" production style performing as a guitarist, bassist, keyboardist, singer and finger drummer. Drew currently leans towards producing and engineering Pop and R&B vocalists and is launching his solo songwriting project, The Belief Cycle, performing live as the world's first singing finger drummer.
Katie Kadan
Katie Kadan came into this world singing, and by God, she will leave singing! From the time she could talk she could sing. Since the age of three Katie sang not only melody lines but three and four-part harmonies. Katie began performing with her mom and sisters in church, touching people’s hearts and inviting them to the place where music takes us all - looking in the mirror to see who we are and realizing what we are meant for.

Katie’s musical interests blossomed at a very young age. The melodies and poetry became part of her whether she was listening to her mother’s lullabies or laying in front of her brother’s oversized stereo listening to Carol King records. As a young teen she discovered Billie Holiday and realized her love for jazz. The soulful voice of Gladys Knight was a troubadour igniting a passion within Katie to share her own soul.

Katie comes from a musical family and family jams were a regular part of life. Those family jam sessions were the beginning of bigger, musical pursuits, especially this past year. Her vision to expand her musical influence is shared with her two amazing cousins, Ray Bleth and Joshua Paul and her amazing sister, Sarah Kadan. Of course she wanted them to be a part of sharing her art. Playing with them has been such a blessing for Katie. She knew that her desire to share her voice with a wider audience meant that she had to expand her musical group. Her search was not long. She met the missing links, Ryan Cassell and Anthony Torres. “I didn’t just gain impeccable artists. It’s more like having two more amazing members of my family!”

Katie was classically trained in piano and voice, but it was her love for a combination of music and people that brought her to the place where she is musically, professionally and relationally. People and life experiences speak to her soul and that’s where her compositions come from - Love! With her soulful style, her jazzy flare, her broken and longing heart, she will captivate you! She’s a solid artist! A real woman!
Venue Information:
1st Ward at Chop Shop
2033 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647