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Rebel Diaz x Tef Poe

Rebel Diaz x Tef Poe 'Multiply' EP release show

Rebel Diaz x Tef Poe

Mathias and the Pirates, Jovan

Sat · July 1, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 18 and over

Rebel Diaz x Tef Poe
Rebel Diaz x Tef Poe
Fronted by MC’s Rodstarz, and MC/Producer G1, Rebel Diaz shows us the true global power of Hip-Hop. After first performing at an immigrant rights march in New York City in 2006 in front of a half million people, the bilingual crew has taken the international community by storm with their explosive live shows. With influences ranging from Chicago house to South American folk, Rebel Diaz combines classic boom bap tradition with Hip-Hop’s global impact. The group’s versatility has allowed for them to share the stage with the likes of Common, Mos Def, and Public Enemy, while feeling right at home with acts like Rage Against the Machine and Calle 13. Multiple tours throughout Europe and Latin America have only solidified their international appeal.
Mathias and the Pirates
Mathias & The Pirates were formed out of unsettled waters. Mathias, Ms. Vizion & DJ LB were all finishing their time with Earthworms and Grea Tones respectively, and needed a new project to sink their brains into. They had all collaborated in the past and the results were great, so they quickly decided to join forces and make something beautiful for a world in turmoil.
The result is a finely crafted album entitled “Life of the Buzzard” – due out on FarFetched Records in the first quarter of 2013. Sweeping hooks and powerful lyrics intertwine with big, beastly production and live instrumentation to make for an album unlike anything you have in your ipod.. or CD case for the old heads out there.
Jovan is a Interdisciplinary Artist based in Chicago, Illinois. Specializing in film, photography and music, Jovan believes in utilizing all of her skills in a positive light; With her music: reflecting what hip hop should be and should sound like. She describes her sound as “Old School meeting New School,” heavily influenced by 90s and 2000 hip hop music, boom bap instrumentals with an energetic new school flow.
Venue Information:
1st Ward at Chop Shop
2033 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647