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Sequoia, Lo Grey, On The Sun

Fri · March 23, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is 18 and over

Chicago woke up one day and found that Ladrone drank all its beer, smoked all its weed, wrecked its car, and stole it's girlfriend. To get revenge Chicago locked them in the upstairs bathroom at Liars Club for the last 20 years. Having finally escaped, Ladrone is back on the music scene, lean, mean and wonderin what happened? Where are all the Metalheads, Rockers and Punks? Where are all the Dirtbags, Skinheads and Goths? Wow... they're gone for a few years and the whole country looks like a Banana Republic ad. Ladrone aint havin it! So tell Chicago to watch its back and lock their doors! The boys are back in town !
Bands don’t usually last 15 years. And bands sure as hell don’t usually put out their best record after 15 years. But Sequoia’s never paid much mind to the norm, dig in and you’ll find them busting out squalling anthems and running them headlong into apocalyptic instrumentals. The lyrics reflect a growing uncertainty with the world around them and inside their own bodies. Terrifying health scares and true heartbreaks have fueled gray hairs and whiskey nights that drip from the monolithic riffs and Wade Work’s weathered vocals. This is crank-it stuff, sure, but it’s headphone stuff too. It’s backyards in the summer and fireplace huddling in the winter. It’s love and death, smile and cry, lump in your throat and fists in the air rock music.
Lo Grey
lo grey is cut straight from the fabric of the 'blue collar, south side' music scene. Music has been soft and safe and desperately needs some grit. MIke Flaherty (Loudmouth, No One) and Paul Kratky (Slauter Xstroyes) set out to put together such a group. Flare met up with Mike Marcinkowski (Jesus and the Devil, Twin Wrecks the Memory). Immediately, there was connection and knew this was going to be something explosive and tough. All that was needed was Law Renault (Head On, Kindred). Nothing more be said. We are lo grey.

Striking you with heavy riffs, raging vocals and a thunderous rhythm section, it isn't hard to give into the lo grey. Destructive in what they do, lo grey is a force that needs to be seen in their element on the stage.
On The Sun
Venue Information:
Chop Shop.
2033 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647