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Sidekick Kato

Sidekick Kato

Apocalypse Hoboken, Haymarket Riot, Or

Sat · November 3, 2018

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

Sidekick Kato
Sidekick Kato
Independent rock band from Des Plaines, IL, USA whose style was sometimes referred to as "drunk emo". The band was formed in the early 1990s and broke up in the early 2000s. During that time they released 2 LPs and appeared on several split 7"s and compilation releases.
Apocalypse Hoboken
Apocalypse Hoboken
Apocalypse Hoboken was a punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois, USA. The group initially formed in 1987 but did not begin playing in earnest until 1989. The founding members included Scott Hoffman (aka Scott Action, guitar), Andy Peterson (drums), Rich Muffin (bass), and Ted Locascio (later known as Ted Lukas, vocals). After some membership changes, founding members Andy and Scott were joined by Kurdt Dinse (aka Kurdt Buddah, bass), Billy Thompson (guitar), and Todd Paglialong (aka Todd Pot, vocals) and began a prolific run (Thompson would be replaced by Sean Seeling in 1996). The band would release several albums and EPs and appear on a number of compilations throughout the 1990s. By the end of the decade, though, the band fractured, with job and family commitments limiting some members' involvement. Guitarist John San Juan and bassist Erik Bocek joined the band for live gigs, but no recordings were released and the band split in 2001. Only Andy Peterson remained with the band throughout their entire life span. However, in the years since the break-up, the line-up of Andy/Scott/Sean/Kurdt/Todd have played a number of reunion shows in and around Chicago.
Haymarket Riot
Haymarket Riot is a Chicago, Illinois based rockpostpunk band that formed in 1999.

The current line-up has been together since October 2012 and consists of:

Kevin J. Frank - vocals/guitar
Brian Wnukowski - drums/vocals
Fred Popolo - bass/vocals

Current members of Haymarket Riot have played in many other Chicago-area bands; Gauge, Big'N, Traluma, Radio Flyer, Six Of One Half Summers,Neutrino, Orwell..., to name just a few.

Past members include: Chris Daly, Mike Bennett, Billy Smith, Chris Almodovar, Shane Hochstetler, Quinn Goodwillie, Michael Graff.

Since 1999 Haymarket Riot has toured North America, Europe and Japan; have released 3 full length albums, 3 EPs, 3 7"s, 1 CD single and appear on a bunch of comps.
Venue Information:
Chop Shop.
2033 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647