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Chicago Meat Collective Basic Pig Butchery

Chicago Meat Collective Basic Pig Butchery

Sun · January 13, 2019

11:00 am (event ends at 3:00 pm)


Chicago Meat Collective Basic Pig Butchery
We’ll begin this hands-on class by demonstrating how to split sides of pork into primals, subprimals, retail, and charcuterie cuts using French, Italian, and American styles of butchery. Students will then divide into two groups and each group will do the same on another side of pig, with guidance from the instructor and an assistant instructor. By the end of class, the students will have broken the pig down into cookable cuts like ribs, tenderloins, ham roasts, chops, and coppas. When we’ve finished the last cut, we’ll shed the aprons and gather around our table for a light meal of charcuterie.

Students will go home with their share of meat, fat and bones (roughly 20 lbs.), plus recipes.

11am-3pm. Open bar, 3pm-4pm
Venue Information:
Chop Shop.
2033 W. North Ave
Chicago, IL, 60647